Opções de Blazes

1. Custom Blaze Kit

For those looking for a solution where you have control over all aspects, this is the model of blaze that you should acquire to help you with your data storage or backups.

With this option, you can choose which components you want to buy, and the mounting is made by the customer, so you can have total control.

Components to build your Blaze can be bought individually according to your needs.


2. Complete Blaze Kit

This solution allows you to choose between two settings, one where it is possible to make an order with all the equipment without assembly or complete with kit mounted. In this last option, the entire assembly of the blaze is made by us so the blaze is shipped fully assembled and ready to use.

For those looking for a turnkey solution and do not want to worry about details or wasting time, this is the ideal solution. Furthermore, if the basic solution is not sufficient for your needs, you can customize it, buying more hard drives or memory.

The option to be assembled ships with installed OS on a SSD Drive and detailed Mounting Guide.

From € 3.400 + VAT